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Default Re: Prospecting for Draft Day "Sleepers"

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
You know, despite the poor (by Steeler standards) season Pittsburgh had last year, I don't think they lost the ability to evaluate talent.

Which is why I find it amazing that so many Steeler fans have already thrown the towel in with regards to McFadden and Ike - there is no guarantee that either will ever be elite but you have to think they will continue to improve - as young players do.

The way I see it you need to replace the talent that has grown long in the tooth before you declare young talent a bust.

Thats why I think Steelers will (and should) be looking OL, LB with their early round picks.
its funny. james harrison was the cats meow as a back up. now that hes the starter, there are suddenly questions of his ability because he has never started a full season. (by definition, which back up does)?

it seems steelerfans want every starter to be 1st round talent even though even our 1st round picks cant start due to the complex systems we run. patience has already been lost with young players like washington, parker, ben, ike, mcfadden, and starks (even though those players helped contribute to a sb win).

i wonder if even the steelers scouts took a little break after the champ win. of course many rookies wouldnt be expected to make a championship roster, but our 2nd day picks would suggest no one even bothered looking.
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