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Default Re: The Ohio State Football Thread

I watched most of the TX game but just part of others. I agree with the Ginn comment. He doesn't seem to get the ball much this year. Maybe D's are just keying on him. Doesn't matter, the kid on the other side (Holmes?) seems to pick up the slack just fine.

Mrob is no Vince Young. That's for sure. He's getting better but I think making him play wideout because of our lack of talent at receiver the past few years has hurt him.

As far as CowherLovers comment, OSU does play smashmouth. One reason I enjoy watching them, intense D. I used to hate every football team in Ohio equally but since moving to Michigan, I have learned to appreciate OSU a little. Nothing better than coming to work with a bunch of Wolverine fans after they lost to the Bucks. Well, that's later in the year.
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