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Default Re: JJ Wins at Martinsville!

Originally Posted by Killer View Post
Oh now that's hilarious... quit tryin'...everybody knows Jeffy only whines when he's the one getting whacked...he's got a lot of people mad at him...

Chicago 06
Sonoma 06
Martinsville Fall 05
Talladega 05
Martinsville Spring 05, just ask Harvick about that one
I totaly agree!! If it had been any one else but JJ, Gordon would have wrecked him. You could tell Jeff was getting pissed. I can't believe I am going to say it, but I wouldn't have blamed him for it this time. JJ was defenatly holding him up.

Off the topic did you see where the hopes for a track in Washington failed. Those pea brains I can't believe they would pass up such and opportunity. I say bring a track to Montana we have lots of room. Though that would never fly because we don't have any big citys.
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