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Originally Posted by floodcitygirl View Post
A little update. Terry is on alot of meds to try to keep him stable. His doctor set some eating and exercising guidelines for him. He tells me that he is trying to walk but has alot of trouble going very far or fast. He said that as soon as his heart rate starts to go up, he has terrible chest pains. Very frightening, I'm sure. He has an appoinment with the doctor in a couple of weeks and plans to discuss it with him them. I tried to encourage him to give him a call now, but he won't. Uggghhhh! I just keep telling myself he's being treated at the Cleveland Clinic.....they have to know what they're doing......
I don't mean to frighten you here, FCG, but I'm telling you - this sounds just like what Ken told me he was experiencing (which he hid from everyone, including his doctors) before he finally realized that something just wasn't right. It is going to take something drastic to scare your brother into seeking medical attention, though I believe he needs to get his fandanny to the cardiologist ASAP. He isn't going to listen to you or anyone else - men are stubborn that way as we ladies know - and that is extremely frustrating when you care about someone and can plainly see what they talk themselves into not seeing. All you can do at this point is suggest to him that he not wait a couple of weeks to advise his cardiologist of what he has been experiencing and hope that he takes your advice. I know all too well that trying to push those stubborn mules to do anything they don't want to do (or in this case as well as with Ken, as I believe - are AFRAID to do) only ends up giving you chest pains. Would he go off on you if you called his cardiologist yourself? This guy needs to be seen immediately and stop playing around, hoping it will just go away!!!

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