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Default Re: Steelers/Chargers

Part of the reason IMO that the bolts by the margin that they did was what we took out of the pats a week earlier. Like I said numerous times before, I think injuries and such a emotional - high effort game drained the pats enough to where the bolts had a clear edge. I think we will be hungry for win and maybe the bolts will be over confident and/or a little tired from the big match up against the pats as well. But being it's a Monday nighter maybe the last comment won't be a factor.

Regardless of the ifs, we better not lose this game as it has a high importance factor. Seeing that we have three big matchups this year. We need to win 2 out of 3 IMO to be battle tested/ high confident for the playoffs. So the bolts and Indy bring the other two games, as we already lost to the pats.

Also if we beat the team that just beat the pats, it renders that loss somewhat meaningless. I think we beat ourselves in the patsiepuff game more than anything the pats did to us. But in this game we need to be more focused and execute. And win the turnover battle. Especially being in their house. LT is in top form so we need to shut him down, and make Brees beat us through the air. Not that this is impossible, but it will at least eliminate play action passing, if we can make them one dimentional.....

Coming off a bye we have no excuse for not being in top form, like was mentioned our O-line needs to play better. But I'll go one step further. If we win the O-line-D-line battles we should win this game.

It is going to be a good game, like the pats this game could go either way, let us hope we are up for the challenge.
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