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Default Re: Food for thought....

Willie yes it is the players that have to come through. But a coach's job is to put those players in a position to win. Has Cowher done this? Somewhat but at times you do have give a big WTF?

Like starting a one dimentional RB in the pats championship matchup, I would have preferred Staley. Or hell even Willie for that matter.

And why did we go for a field goal down by 14? Bonehead call no matter how you spin it.

Ben was hitting the rookie wall somewhat in the jet game, why not shorten his passes, instead of zipping the ball down field. Just maybe we wouldn't have had those INT"s. As he didn't have any in this last game.

Killer instinct, not turtling it would help too. Too often with a lead we play not to lose, instead going full throttle. ( See Chargers for proof) And like this last game where was the screens with the pats blitzing ? ? didn't roll out as much as I would have liked, although I know some of it was the pats clogging the outside to force Ben to stay in the pocket. Too one dimentional. We have a first round TE, a pass catcher that has shown flashes, use him underneath.

Don't stick with one basic formula. Run pass pass or run run pass. Seems to me that the game plan was vanilla-sh. Started out mixing it up ok, but in the second half when the pats adjusted, bill decided to do absolutely nothing. Or at least it appeared that way. So a solid team might get you to the big dance, but there is no beating a coach that knows how to scheme properly. That is one thing nobody can take away from the pats, and if we want to be the next contender, we better be a little more diversified. As we def have the personel, no escuses come playoffs..........
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