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Default Re: Prospecting for Draft Day "Sleepers"

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
I would argue that there were alot of guys who regressed to some extent last year.

The Steeler O-line has long been a real strong point - last time out it almost got Ben killed.

Having Polamalu as a free floating playmaker is great when he diagnoses the right play, but isn't quite so hot when he gets caught too near the LOS and his CB's are exposed deep - factor in a lack of penetration by the LBer/D-line corps and you have problems.

The Steelers are tough talent evaluators, I cannot imagine them giving Ike such a good contract for him not to have a high amount of ability.

Asante Samuel didn't have all the same problems Ike did last year, but he was renowned for having hands-of-rock - he dropped a number of easy picks.

Last year that part of his game fell into place and he racked up 10 INT's when his previous high had been 3.

Limitations as a product of scheme are one thing. Simply lacking the natural abilty to do certain things is another. Ike is in excellent condition for a cornerback. He has great size, speed and quick reflexes. HOWEVER,......'ball skills and awareness' (though they can be somewhat refined by coaching and or training.),.....are for the most part particular 'skills' or talents if you will,.... that are 'god given'. (Either you have them or you don't)

What i mean is this, can look like a singer. You can dress like a singer. You can receive lessons and or tutalege from the greatest vocal coaches in the world. But in the end,......if you just don't have the "voice", are karaoke.

And now that i think about it, absurd is it to discuss any shortcomings of this team with the 'Enemy' ? LOL (And yes that means you,... "Brady Lover")
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