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Default Re: Food for thought....

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
Like I said - the article is there to provide food for thought.

Any of you guys got the cojones to defend your team by writing into the CHFF - with your reasons as to why this article was written on a false premise?

If you can back up what you say with facts and figures, rathers than feelings and emotions I can pretty much guarantee you will be given a fair shot by the boys - and will more than likely have your letter printed.


once again...the article was patsfans OPINIONs why cowher cant or will never win the big game[FACT]. yet us steelerfans must supply all the facts and figures. funny thing about statistics is that they can pretty much support any opinion out there[FACT]. the major flaw i saw in the article was that it made it seem like cowher choses to not have a top notch qb on his team as if he feels he dont need one. if it were that easy to go out there and get them every team would have one[FACT] . the 95 statistic interrested me most[FACT]. steelers had one of their lowest rushing seasons yet one of their best passing. contrary to what the article would suggest this was due to personnel rather than coaching[FACT].

rushers: eric pegram (who?) from atl. and rookie bam morris[FACT]
wr's: ernie mills, yancy thigpen, charles johnson, andre hastings (who all were either a #1 or #2 wr either with the steelers or another team)[FACT] plus one phenominal rookie kordell stewart who many believe could have been a pro bowl wr if that were the career path he wouldve chosen. definitely 1-5 the best wr corp the steelers have ever had let alone most other teams.

cowher tried to get odonnel to stay along with all those wr's[FACT]. cowher didnt prevent chan gailey, d. lebeau, m. lewis, dom capers from leaving[FACT]. he couldnt.

k. green (#1 sack leader amongst lb's in the league)[FACT] and c. brown one of the hottest and youngest prospects at the position left. cowher did not give greg lloyd (the most fierce lb in the game at the time) staph infection in his ankle which cut short his career[FACT].

cowher didnt plant pot in bam morris' trunk[FACT]. what cowher did do was fire moris and make one of the steelers best trades ever in acquiring jerome bettis[OPINIONATED FACT].

the article also makes good use of the 70's dolphins and their power running game, lack of passing, etc. and how that was outdated. who was the coach? don shula[FACT]. what did he do with the most prolific passer of all time? NOTHING. how come he is never called a choker with dan marino at the helm? take a look at how far shula got in the playoffs with marino vs. how far cowher has gotten in his 13 years. and cowher is the choker? why couldnt the great jimmy johnson get marino a ring if it all boils down to the coaches? and many playoff games have seifert, holmgren, johnson, shannahan, belichick, parcells won without their hof qb's? (assuming t. brady makes the hof of course) as a patfan you know better than anyone they would be mediocre at best, w/o brady. is parcells a choker because he couldnt win it all with a #1 qb pick in the draft and the #4 rusher of all time? whether cowher will ever be able to win a superbowl is very subjective and a matter of interpretation of the facts. fact is anything can happen. pats, bucs, ravens, and rams winning the superbowl prove that.
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