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Default Re: Prospecting for Draft Day "Sleepers"

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
You know, I agree with the evaluation of players that appear to have it all but are missing the vital element of a 'football brain'.

As has been said before, your D is only as strong as its weakest link - if the pass rush is ineffective and is giving the QB all day then your DB's are going to get exposed.

Ike does get the match up against the oppositions premier WR - I presume that happens for a reason.

I never really doubted Cowhers ability to diagnose talent, its just that he wasn't always able to maximise its potential.

Any time you want to discuss the short comings of the Patriots i'd be more than happy to oblige

I'm a man,....i will take my 'charge' Pats. (LOL) Certainly our pass rush was not quite as 'effective' as it was suppossed to have been.
But i think that is more of a matter of us being so dependant on the 'scheme' catching our opponents off guard. Because we lack the sheer 'talent' to line up and overwhelm our opponents.
In other words if you can keep up with what we throw at you,.....we are 'dead in the water' in regards to getting to the oppossing QB. Hamp and Aaron though exceptional players whom could give a great account of themselves on any team,.......can not do it all by themselves up front on the D-line.
Keisel is a solid player,.....but is absoloutely a non factor in regards to 'pressure'. (Though he's exceptional in coverage for his size and plays the run well)
The linebackers IMO did their jobs for the most part last season. It was big plays given up in the secondary in regards to completions that kept us on the field. It was big plays given up by the secondary that gave up points and put us in the position very often to have to play 'shootout'. ( The Falcons game being the greatest example of such lunacy)

Ike is matched up with our opponents 1 receiver,...not because he should be,'s because we have no other option. And he is unfortunately the 'lesser poison' of a very, very mediocre corps of DB's.

IMO Coach Cowher's greatest strength was his ability to get many crops of 'inexpensive' marginal players to maximize whatever potential they had to a great degree of success. (This was and is'nt the problem with Ike and the other 'guests' on our roster)

The bottom line is,......sometimes in regards to team sports,..... it's just a matter of some personel just simply not being able to fulfill their duties. (No matter how much you would like to believe otherwise)

Oh and BTW,......i greatly look forward to the next 'Patriots' thread. LOL
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