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Default Re: Prospecting for Draft Day "Sleepers"

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
trou polamalu was drafted with the intentions of shutting down players like todd heap in our division. how come he got abused by a. crumpler in that falcons game? that is either on troy or the coaching staff. i cant put any blood on ikes hands for that one.

one would think chad johnson is a scrub, the way ike constantly shuts him down one on one.

there were about 5 td's scored on our db's last year that would only be completions about 1 out of every 10 times. too many times i saw a perfect throw, and a miracle catch, with out db's in perfect, textbook, blanket coverage.

polamalu is above average, and lebeaus scheme has prevented mcfadden or a. smith the opportunity to even prove if they are average or not. i see nothing in this years 1st round cb prospects that suggests they are the next deangello hall. id rather go for a "sleeper" than to reach for a replacement for a player we dont even know needs replaced (ike or troy)

As i'm sure you are aware of Tone. I've never said that any of this drafts particular cornerbacks are neccessarily potential 'Hall of Famers'.LOL
But i'm almost certain that at least several will go on to be far better Corners than Ike whom as you remember was not neccessarily productive in college,.....but was instead one of Colbert's 'diamond in the Rough' workout warrior selections.
Troy is another story. Troy was never a pure coverage safety going back to SC. But he not only has great physical tools. He is a 'football player' whom has performed at an elite level since childhood. (There is no way Ike can even be mentioned in the same breath with him.)IMO
Bottom line Troy just had an average season. But he unquestionably has the abilty to play at a higher level. As far as Ike,.....i'm not so sure.
Unlike B-Mac and Anthony Smith,......he's seen enough action to know whether or not he's 'got it'. And imo simply playing well against a slightly overated Chad Johnson on a few occassions is not that impressive to me.
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