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Default Re: Food for thought....

I'm not going to go to a Pats based website and shower them with facts and figures supporting why Kordell Stewart and Bubby Brister weren't top notch NFL QB's...It's pretty obvious. They'll just try to paint me as a Cowher apologist regardless...

I will go one step further, though, as to WHY we were fielding superior teams with a weak link at the QB spot. It was money, pure and simple. The Rooney's run a football team as their business. They don't have other holdings like dot com or shaving cream companies, they just have a football team. When they got their new stadium, they opened up revenue streams that allowed them to finally start playing "Capology" as well as restructuring deals, etc, etc...Now they can afford to draft a QB in the 1st round. With the exception of Jerome Bettis, we were running a lot of skill positions with later round drafts, and drafting "Cheap" in the 1st round with lineman and the like. Now they have a little more free hand to spend, and they are spending wisely.
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