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Default Re: Prospecting for Draft Day "Sleepers"

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
lol. no, that wasnt my response to your post. i didnt want to start a new thread that so closely resembled this one for the latest kirwan article. (i am curious if you think ike should be cut, benched or traded).

it seems this years cb crop might be weak like last years wr crop was. id hate to reach for a cb at 15 just cause he fills a perceived need. but if the steelers have a cb ranked 5th on their board and he falls to 15 then we really cant pass him up for someone ranked lower who fills a perceived need. last year i wanted mangold or l. white over a wr who would be #3 on the depth chart. but i never bemoaned the pick once the pick was made.

That's a tough one Tone.(regarding Ike) I wouldn't cut him,.... but i would definetly bring in a young collegiately productive press coverage corner to 'push him' at the very least. (This would also allow Coclough to seek his fortune elswhere)
It's not that i think he (Ike) is a below average per se,'s just that i don't think he's a guy whom can be depended on to play on the 'island' with good consistencey.

And if you have average corners you will need two exceptional safetys and a good pass rush off the 'ends' to compensate.
And it's my opinion that it would be easier to find at least one stud at that position (corner) as oppossed to having to 'stock' so many other positions just to simply 'break even' so to speak.
Which brings me to the question of whether or not any of this years corners would be a reach at 15 or whether we should draft one at all in the first.
IMO Chris Houston would'nt be a reach 15. (If anything he may go earlier) Though granted,.... that's IF Carriker, Willis and Anderson are already off of the board.

There are so many possibilties. I checked out Alaika Francis and was impressed but i didn't think he was even on our radar. Until to my surprise i read here that we were showing interest ?! Which means we could possibly trade down in the first take the best available player and him in the second ????

I also agree with you about our pick last year, i thought the receiver class was very weak then. But, seems that we got one of only two whom will become impact players.
Hopefully,....we can have the same fortune in this years Draft no matter whom Colbert and co decide to select.
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