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Default Re: Steelers/Chargers

I'm really nervous about the Chargers/Steelers game, too. They bitch slapped (am I allowed to say that?) the Pats but good. I don't think the Pats are all that great this year, though. Everyone's on to them. They played very sloppy against us, but then we played that way, too, IMO...(lol). I have a friend in San Diego who is a Steelers fan and who is going to the game Monday night. He'll be in the corner end zone, mid-second level. Not the best of seats, but at least he's in the stadium. When I spoke w/him about the game today, he pretty much expressed SteelProven's sentiments of "the best way to combat L.T. , Brees, and Gates is to blitz and make the Chargers keep those guys in for protections reasons."

I'm nervous about this game, but I think we'll pull off the win! Yay!

VA_Steeler... Love your avatar. How 'bout being a dear and getting me a drink. I'm parched. A Long Island Iced Tea would be nice.
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