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Default Re: JJ Wins at Martinsville!

Originally Posted by Killer View Post

One COT feature, the matched bumpers, came into play at the end of the Martinsville race and prevented runner-up Jeff Gordon from pulling the bump-and-run move on eventual winner Jimmie Johnson in the final laps. On the old car, the front bumper was lower than the rear, allowing the driver in second place to nose an opponent out of the way.

Now, that move is much more difficult to execute. And Johnson was just fine with it.

"I think it's a good thing," he said after his third victory this season. "The guy behind you can't just go in there and knock him out of the way. You've actually got to drive the car past him."

What? JJ saying Jeffy can't drive? That's gotta sting...
But at a track with only a groove and a half, you CAN'T just drive past another driver. That's why people HAVE to bump and run. If a slow car is in front of you, and they block and won't get out of the way, the car has to be moved or it'll slow the whole pack of 43 down eventually.

There is a HUGE difference between the bump and run and wrecking someone...what Gordon was saying was that the bump and run doesn't work in this car, and the drivers will have to figure out a different way to accomplish the same result with the COT...
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