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Default Re: Steelers/Chargers

Originally Posted by ChargerRay
You guys better be ready because we will be. Our offense is rolling will not slow down. Defensively, we are getting better. Look at the last 2 games in the 2nd half. We only allowed a total of 3 points to both the Giants and Pats.

The Steelers are a good team. But if they couldn't stop an undermanned Pats team, I don't see them slowing down our high powered offense.
Easy now, don't get too cocky... You guys played a good game against the Pats, but I think you caught them on a bad day.

The Pats match up well against the Steelers, Tom Brady doesn't seemed to be phased by the pressure the Steelers put on him, and Ben, 2 out of the 3 times he's played NE, he's looked like a below average QB.

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