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Oh well, we didn't clinch home ice or the division. All that matters is that we are in the playoffs. I still can't believe I'm saying that about this very young hockey team. Who would have guessed it? lol. Personally, I knew they were going to be a better hockey team than last season. I also felt in the back of my mind that they had a shot at the playoffs. But the fashion in which we made the playoffs was never a thought that crossed my mind. If Ottawa takes us out in the first round this team has NOTHING to be ashamed of. We are going to be a force in our division and in the Eastern conference for many, many, many years to come.

Anyways, we have Ottawa up first. We have beat them three times this year and they have beat up once. Ottawa also has a history of bombing come playoff time and so does Bryan Murray. It all comes to solid goaltending and solid special teams come playoff time. We do well in those two departments and we will take Ottawa out in six games.

Also, congratulations to Sidney Crosby on becoming the youngest player ever to win the Art Ross Trophy. A well deserved and hard earned honor. What that kid does on the ice is nothing short of amazing. And after hearing he has a legitimate chance of receiving the award his response is in typical Sidney Crosby fashion......

"It would mean a lot, but that's not why you play," Crosby said yesterday morning of the possibility of winning the scoring title and the league MVP award. "You don't play for those things. You play to win championships. Honestly, I think that's always on my mind, just winning hockey games. If those accolades and accomplishments come with it, then it's an accomplishment. But those are just direct reflections of how you do and how your team does."

Spoken like a true professional. The beautiful part, he's only nineteen and hasn't even peaked. He's only going to get better. A good number felt this season would resemble last season. It has not. A good number felt they would crumble during the month of March. They did not. For me, it's hard to say how far they will go. I can't say they will win the cup nor can I say they are going to get booted in the first round. I can state that if they play the way they are capable of playing I see no reason why they can't represent the East in the Stanley Cup finals.

It depends on which Marc-Andre Fleury shows up and our ST's. If anything, I'm more concerned about which Fleury shows up. Is it the Fleury who gives up rebounds in the slot (Prucha goal last game), who also has the tendency of letting the 40 foot unscreened wrister in or will it be the Fleury who controls his rebounds, makes the big saves when called upon and doesn't let that cheap goal in which can deflate your whole team. Big question mark for a team heading into the playoffs.

I really can't say because it remains to be seen. I can't read the future. If I could I would be living in Vegas.

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