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Default Re: Last season of the Sapranos!

If they build a strong RICO case against Tony he better start counting his blessings. There must be another rat in the NJ crew. They didn't get anything big from Eugene Pontecorvo. They didn't get anything big from Adriana LaCerva and they didn't get anything big from Ray Curto who croaked right as he was going to tell the FBI what he had on Tony. Maybe one of these three gave them something big that they (David Chase) has chose not to divulge to us directly? Or they have a bug at the Bing or Satriale's? That's my only guess.

Also, the NY crew either has a rat or they're joint is bugged. Last season FBI agent Harris came up to Tony and told him that somebody in his crew is in grave danger after Tony fire bombed one of Phil's joints and killed Fat Dom. Obviously there wasn't an FBI agent in the room when that was discussed so they either have a rat or the joint is bugged.
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