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Default Re: Last season of the Sapranos!

Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
Did anyone else see Bobby drop the gun in the hallway? As soon as I saw that, I thought Bobby was going to be in deep trouble. The guy isn't a killer and nothing good is going to come from his first hit.
Nothing out of the ordinary. Normally after a hit the gun is immediately dropped. In The Godfather after Michael kills McCluskey and Sollozzo he drops the gun on the floor. For the most part, through all six episodes in The Sopranos you have seen the hitter drop the gun next to or near the target. Also, Bobby had rubber gloves on during the hit. No prints.

If anything, I'm more concerned with Bobby's psyche after his first hit and how it will effect his "job" in the future. Add that to his bitter feelings towards Tony and you might have a recipe for disaster in the next eight episodes.
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