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Default Re: Ward better off without Burress?

Good article. Burress is good for the scheme he is in, because his drops on a passing team is less significant, than on a running team such as ours, as with us he needed to be mistake free to have more of a impact. As his chances or opportunites were less. The big difference between Ward and Burress is where it matters. End zone production. Plax so far is tied with Ward in this area as he sees the ball twice as much. But make no mistake about it, in the end zone when a big play is needed, Ward will be more consistant. Plax at times looks like a goofy uncoordinated giraffe. For how talented he is, his head and body often arn't in control of pressure situations. Especially in big games when it matters the most. Sure he will get you down the field but far too often he will dissappoint in the red zone. Right now Plax feels he has something to prove, but mark my words as the season goes on, it will be the same old Plax............. again when it matters the most.
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