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Wow! You guys are rock-stars. Thanks so much for filling me in with your opinions & links. I grew up in NJ and the penguins were never on tv. My only experience watching them was against the Rangers in the playoffs en route to Stanley Cup #2. It was the game with the Lemieux penalty shot. I don't know how my dad got tickets, but it was the best birthday present a kid could get.

Aside from that, I used to listen to them on my shortwave radio - haha. Even when I was supposed to be sleeping, I put the radio under my pillow and listened (probably not a good move cancer-wise, in retrospect). I was the only kid in my town that fully understood the meaning of phrases such as "Elvis has left the building" and "scratch my back with a chainsaw."

Tom Barrasso was my hero, so it's disappointing to find out that he was such a jerk. But from those articles I feel confident that there's nothing like that going on now. In fact, the entire team seems to get a long pretty well. It's exciting to see them play so well again.

Thanks again, & Go Pens!!
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