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Originally Posted by I.C. Lights View Post
Tom Barrasso was my hero, so it's disappointing to find out that he was such a jerk. But from those articles I feel confident that there's nothing like that going on now. In fact, the entire team seems to get a long pretty well. It's exciting to see them play so well again.

Thanks again, & Go Pens!!
Glad to hear you enjoyed the articles I.C. Lights. Barrasso's daughter has cancer and from my understanding he did alot in the area for cancer patients. He seems like a good guy at heart, but he was just an a-hole when it came to being a teammate.

The really sad part is that he could have been loved in this city (some people still do) if he wasn't such an a-hole towards Aubin and the media. At the end of the day though, there is no doubt that if we didn't have Tommy B. we wouldn't have won two Stanley Cups. I tend to keep that in mind when all is said and done. Some of the same idiots who boo him when his name is announced for any reason or bash the hell out of the guy any chance they get are probably the same idiots who were cheering his name back in the early 90's and I'm sure just as many didn't even have season tickets back then. Go figure.

The way I look at it. The guy was a jerk towards the media and Aubin, but he never insulted the fans, he won this city two cups and he did alot in the community. That's why I don't boo the guy like an idiot. I don't respect him as much as I do Ulf, Lemieux, Francis, Recchi, Murphy, Coffey and the rest of the crew, but I will not boo the guy.

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