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Default Re: Ten questions being asked about the draft

6. Who's stock dropped the most in recent weeks?
If you define stock dropping as lost money, keep in mind that dropping five or six spots in the first round can cost a player more than dropping two or three rounds later on. The downward pressure on the running back position because of four offseason trades -- Willis McGahee, Thomas Jones, Tatum Bell and Reuben Droughns -- and three free-agent acquisitions -- Ahman Green, Jamal Lewis, Dominic Rhodes -- could cost Adrian Peterson a lot of money. Peterson hasn't done a thing wrong, but the pressure is real.

Two players who's stocks have dropped for other reasons are wide receiver Sidney Rice of South Carolina and running back Michael Bush of Louisville. Bush is a victim of injury and he has plummeted from a first-round pick to no one knows where for sure. Rice renounced his senior year of eligibility and jumped into a very good draft class of receivers. He has made some questionable decisions about performing for scouts and coaches in the past few weeks and now sits outside the first round looking in.

Amobi Okoye has steadily improved his stock as draft day approaches.
7. Who's stock has risen the most in recent weeks?
Take a look at DT Amobi Okoye from Louisville. He has a decent senior year as a 19-year-old and finished up as a probable second-round pick. He packed his bags for the Senior Bowl to prove he's better than that and after a week in pads in front of all the NFL brass, he jumped to a late first-round pick. He went to the Combine with that same focus and his workout and interviews moved him up the charts to a mid first-round selection. At his pro day workout, he clocked 4.88 in the 40-yard dash at a weight of 302 pounds. film studies on him by the defensive line coaches draw parallels to Warren Sapp. With just a few weeks to go, it looks like the teenager has climbed to a top-10 pick.

8. Who is the third quarterback in this draft?
There is no third quarterback worthy of a first-round selection. I asked a number of teams how they see the third quarterback and I got a different answer from almost everyone. There's no Jay Cutler in this draft for sure. Drew Stanton was the consensus third, back in January. Troy Smith didn't help himself that much at the Senior Bowl, but hung tough. Trent Edwards got healthy and his stock started to rise and there has been an under current of support in a few places for Kevin Kolb and John Beck. But the truth is, beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to the third QB.

Edwards was sacked 84 times in 31 starts and has foot and shoulder issues. But he has that it factor some teams are looking for. Stanton is a 64 percent completion passer who can run as demonstrated by his 1,500 yards and 15 rushing touchdowns. But the it could be missing in some talent evaluators' minds. Smith has to deal with the height issue and his supporters point at Drew Brees. Kolb comes from a throwing system and some are leery of his numbers. His supporters point at Alex Smith. Beck has a release point that troubles some. For now, my advice is don't claim to know who the third QB is, but don't expect the run on these guys to start until the late second to early third round. As one GM said, "I think we'll wait until the second day and take a long look at that kid from Boise State, there's something about him I like." I said, 'are you talking about it?'

9. Will there be a lot of trading on draft weekend?
I expect trading to continue this year just like it did last year. Teams are getting more comfortable pulling the trigger on a trade using picks for picks -- 2008 picks for 2007 picks, veteran players for picks and they realize with the healthy salary cap situations most teams have right now, it works. Randy Moss should be the big-name player to be moved on draft day, but don't expect more than a second- or third-round pick as compensation and that only happens if he gets his contract restructured.

10. Which virtually unknown player would you want on your team?
Two players come to mind every time I'm asked this question -- Brown linebacker Zak DeOssie and Alabama fullback LeRon McClain. DeOssie can help a team in so many ways with his size, speed, intelligence and long-snapping ability. McClain is a classic fullback in the mold of Lorenzo Neal.

1)kinda disagree. when c. weiss calls b. quinn the perfect mix of manning and brady you gotta think the hype machine is in over drive.
2)calvin johnson should be the 1st pick in the draft.
3)kinda scary thought about anderson and moss. alot have one of them projected as a steeler.
4)i read someone say jamarcus is more like big ben than culpepper
5)kirwan has compared kalil to mangold as far as being a safe pick. cant argue with that.
6)peterson can go anywhere from 3-16. green bay could have him fall into their lap like another projected top 3 pick.
7)would anyone argue if we traded up 6 spots to draft okoye?
8)quarterback schmorterback. pretty weak class this year.
9)i think the potential for alot of trades is mostly hype that keeps turning the draft into such a celebreated event. the anticipation of alot of movement is definitely good for ratings.
10)zac deiossie has the pedigree. im also curious to see how jordan palmer and johnnie lee higgens (poor mans ted ginn?) down at UTEP will do as pro's.
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