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Default Re: Potential 1st Rnd Draft Day Trades

the more i look at the players, mock drafts have us taking, the more i think we need to move down rather than reach to fill a need. (i think perceived cb needs can be filled in a later round). here are our best (and most potential) trading partners:

saints and jets- the #15 has alot of value cause it could probably be for the top cb in this years draft, a player who may have top 10 rankings on alot of teams boards. any team looking for secondary help will like #15 whether they want a cb or a safety. both the jets and saints have shown interrest in high priced patriot cb's who come with tags. rather than pay a ransom (high draft picks) and take on a potential salary disaster, both these teams are better served just to give up those picks and take the best cb on the board with a much lower salary.

san diego- san diego could want to move up for either a safety or a wr and with #15 they could easilly land the 2nd rated one on most teams boards.

giants- while there is last years connection, i think many of the players they target could easilly fall to them whether it be a wr or lb. while i thought they would be a likely dancing partner i now think it would be a longshot and foolish for them to trade with us.

patriots- i dont even think this is a possibility but the trove of football rumor, PFT, seems to think the steelers are gonna swap 15 for 24 just to help them out. patriots dont have a 2nd. the only way this trade could possibly happen is if the steelers swapped their 1st and 2nd for both of the patriots 1sts.

other than these 5 i would think any steelers downward trade would be out of the blue. at this point i think the jets and saints really need to be on the phone w/ colbert before they do something stupid like the seahawks did last year.
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