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Default LITP needs to go

I only do this as a favor to all who emailed and PM'd.

This board is garnering a reputation as a joke because you not only exercised the poor judgment (I think it was probably much more laziness on the part of the absentee owner) in electing a Pats fan as mod, but you KEPT him, even after he made fools out of some of you duller pencil leads.

This is a guy who doesn't know much about football other than what he reads at Pats boards, namely because he doesn't even live in this Country. Apparently, being a foreigner makes him feel comfortable lying to you all. I've caught him in several outright lies, but I guess it's all good...

Anyway, I'm out for good. As far as I'm concerned, Jeff Dahmer has more posthumous credibility than your pompous, power hungry and ****ed up new board leader.

And make no mistake about it: LITP owns this board. Just watch and wait and see what happens in the next few months...
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