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Default Re: hardlyworking and livingwithmommie a invite

Slash - if you fall flat on your face much more you are going to end up requiring extensive plastic surgery.

I would also like to point out that your whining and crying about various comments and actions outside the direct field of play is doing your fellow Steelers fans a dis-service.

Keep doing it though - its nice to know you are still capable of posts that make me laugh out loud.
Everyone of your pathetic posts make me laugh, I was just wanting to spread your humor around. I think Ammy was just taking the low road as some people think it is a waste of time to even debate with clowns like you.

Nobody is crying and whining boy, if your too much of a pussy to talk smack over there it is ok, like I said I expected you to pussy out anyways. One day you will wake up and realize that you are as clueless as I have pointed out in numerous of threads, and the only dis-service is that you actually spend more time on this board than a puff one I am sure. Delusional that you actually believe that your drivel brings anything insightful to this forum.

That Latrobe invite is still open if you have the cohonas. But like you have proved not only are you classless but your gutless to boot. :)
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