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Default Re: So its goodbye to LITP........

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
.....the Mod and hello (again) to LITP the token Patriots member at SF

Mike has asked me to step down as Mod due to the recent contentious nature of the board - alot of which can be directly attibuted to me being a Patriots fan.

While im slightly disappointed with the timing (as it makes Suitanims pathetic rant seem like the catalyst for this change) I can't argue with the general reasoning behind the decision.

When I voluteered to be a mod it was with the genuine intention of offering to help out in a transitional period, i'd like to think that I have helped maintain the high quality of this MB, and Mike took me at my word.

As far as I am aware there weren't a great deal of Steeler fans who put there hand up for the position, if they did I doubt LITP the mod would ever have become a reality.

Its been mostly a pleasure to help out here and it has definitely given me a healthy respect for how much work goes on behind the scenes to maintain such a quality board.

Its time for another poster or two to take the reins - I genuinely wish them good luck, im sure they'll get a real buzz from helping the board out.

Props to all those who put their personal isues to one side to make SteelersFever run smoother.


IMO i think it would have been a 'better look' (so to speak) for this to be presented as a resignation on your part.
What i mean is, wouldn't appear as though you were ousted by 'emotional nonsense' but instead for the overall 'face value' of this as a STEELER site.

Not to say that you should have 'fallen on your sword' like Cato in a 'lame a## computer Geek' manner. But more so as an acknowledgement that the nature of your allegiance as a Patriots fan,....could not possibly allow you to remain in a supposed "position of power" here.

You made a good run of it Pats,......but in the end did you really think it could last ? (Especially considering your past (E) conflicts with some whom,...take this,...along with their 'Sci Fi allied front' ,....far to seriously) LMAO

Bottom line,.......buisness is just that. Now,......on to football !
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