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Default Re: So its goodbye to LITP........

wow. talk about ironic. i had actually (kinda, sorta, in a small way) gone to bat for you twice in the past day or so. (no, hell is not freezing over)

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
the board hasnt turned into a circus since litp became mod. this board has had typical board dynamics long before he became mod. in fact the "circus" has been trimmed down from 3 rings to 2 clowns and a juggling act. some people actually go to the circus for fun and entertainment. part of the fun is that someone may get hurt. (someone fall off the high wire, the lion bite off the lion tamers head, someone not catch their partner on the trapeeze etc.) typical suspense and drama that people pay to see.

there was plenty of typical drama and cyberbattles that went on before litp became mod. litp and myself can attest to this as well as anyone. does that mean i hate litp or posters such as hardwork, bengalbrian, or geez aka sniffsmyanus? of course not. i'll talk shit to them anytime.

this always gets blown way out of proportion. an argument is healthy every once in a while. and while this board is nowhere near jerry springer, theres a reason people would tune in to watch. i know most members of this board (like myself) are not the type to even tune in to jerry springer (except for our resident bunglefans), and this board is nowhere near that so lets not be paranoid and act like it is. a little drama never killed anyone though.

as far as a patfan as a mod, i think i can speak for everybody on this board when i say no steelerfan is a member of a steelers board to constantly hear a mod demean and bash the steelers or their fans convictions. i would expect a moderator to be a fan of the steelers or atleast show utmost respect to the the team and most loyal and knowledgable fanbase out there. i dont even care if a mod pretends. on a steelers site a mod should be a representative and an ambassador of the black and gold.

otherwise whats the point? i think litp is realizing this.
if litp didnt make an effort to change his ways, he most definitely woulda been canned as a mod after about a week.

now im off to kick my dog.
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