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Default Re: hardlyworking and livingwithmommie a invite

Well, you remind me of the stalker - its funny that just days after I use the word 'cojona's' on another thread - you are using it too!

Stalker? Funny as you are the one that hangs here. I challenge you to find a board that isn't Steeler related that I hang out at. Besides maroon if you remember it was you that was going around in 5 different threads leaving a link. So here we have again a pot calling the kettle......

I see that your hero 'Ammy' uses the phrase 'patsie puffs' quite alot - and whadyaknow? - YOU use it too.

You should take a leaf out of your hero Amtrack's book - know when you are beaten.

I have no hero's, I just simply thought it would be a comical debate nothing less nothing more. I didn't realize there was certain words that anyone owned. So to say if I use a word that you or Ammy or anyone else have used then I am copying ? ? I don't get your logic here, maybe that's it..... there is no logic. I didn't realize anyone owned a word from the English language dumbass. BTW I am beaten? LMFAO I knew you would make me laugh today. Thank you. I don't think there is anything you could beat me at physically or mentally.

Well, you remind me of the stalker - its funny that just days after I use the word 'cojona's' on another thread - you are using it too!
I actually was waiting to see if you were going to point out the spelling, and again your too predictable. I was simply showing you how high of a opinion that you have of yourself. One word out of place with any poster, and you will correct them thinking this makes you "look"more intelligent. What it does is show that you are too eager to prove yourself. But trust me, one thing you can bank on is that nobody from this forum will model themselves after anything a jacka$$ would say or do. So you are safe.

BTW why is it you never disputed the living at home with mommie comments? I think we know why. And do you work ? ? And if so (I somehow doubt it) I am sure it is a highly respected job seeing that you have such the high IQ. LMFAO! I picture this little geeky 30 year old living at home, while his parents pray that one day he will get the hell out or get a job or both.

Everytime you open your mouth, your comebacks get weaker and weaker. Probably why I like f-in with you. You are so predictable and ignorant at the same time, I haven't laughed this hard in years.

Want me to show you another example. You will respond to anything and everything related to you or the patsies that you read on this board. You will reply to every comment I make, always trying to get in the last word.

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