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Default Re: As A Football fan....

Makes for a mouth watering propspect.
Nahhhh too easy.

The Chargers are being touted as the 'next big thing'
They are ? ? I think that is just your perception coming off a a$$ whipping. I see the media hasn't jumped on their bandwagon yet, as they are still lower than the Steelers in the power rankings. Not that the ranking means a damn thing. I find it interesting that the media is pretty deadlocked on who will win this game, as quite a few have us edging the bolts. Remember they didn't just rise out of nowhere they were solid last year as well. But no worries go ahead and keep tossing garbage out there without having any factual substance. It is what I have grown to expect from you.

its great being a Pats or Steelers fan these days - always a good chance of winning
That was last year, the way your team is playing there is just the same amount of a chance that you will lose.

Nice that you are interested in our injuries. Ben, Porter, and Ike are probable. With Hines the only question mark.

Is 2 losses out of 4 wanna Seymour gonna play or is he out? For your D's sake you better hope he plays...........

I for one know your team is starting to act desperate so it should be a close game, as you still have Brady that will get you some wins, not enough but some.......

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