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Default Re: hardlyworking and livingwithmommie a invite


This will be the last time that I reply to one of your posts.

You have said this before, I doubt you will live up to your promise idget.

You dont even need me really - you make yourself look stupid enough on your own.
And yet I pointed how how truly stupid your ideas and posts have been with no arguments from you. Or anything remotely intelligent to support you claims.

Every second post contradicts the one before - you say how eager I am to 'prove myself' by answering every question you ask - then in the next breath you wonder why I dont dispute the comments you make about my home life.
I see my comments hit a nerve it is ok, sponge off mommie, thats what lowlife losers do.

I doubt that even the most hardened Steeler supporter can back the utter rubbish that you type most of the time.

Funny as almost a handful of fans have commented on your drivel. But you do think so high of yourself nimrod. You simply can't take what you dish out.

Ever since you turned up here you have brought the standard of the forum down - you notice me having running battles with any other Steelers posters here?
Funniest comment you have ever posted. I am still laughing. LMFAO

What a dumb mother-fer. With you posting here obviously the standards can't be high, as you are one brick short of a house. And again you have rubbed quite a few wrong here so your statement is unfounded and jibberish as always. As I pointed this out everytime you have argued with a poster or tried to belittle him.

The fact is - you have bigger issues outside this forum - and no amount of name calling is going to help you rectify this situation

The biggest shame is that you can not distinguish between fact and myth. Fact you are a dipsh!t, myth you have a job. Fact you are classless. Myth you don't actually live with mommie.

I hope you can find a life outside trying to bait a Patriots fan how is only here to talk football.

Bait? You took every word of the bait, hook, line, and sinker.

NEWSFLASH: I hope you can actually hang in a forum where you belong, not in a Steeler one trying to prove how intelligent you are. As to date, FACT you can't handle the pressure! Maybe you should just get out of the kitchen. Maybe a patsie puff board might actually appreciate the drivel that you convey. I feel sorry for your "type". They always try to prove themselves but come out on the short end of the stick always. Cry yourself home with your tail tucked between your legs, as the bandwagon fan has failed. As I see your posts are starting to be less in the belittle mode, you know I am watching. And I have got under your skin. As I said before everytime you ty to jump on a Steeler poster I will be there. Be afraid be scared it is ok I understand.
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