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Exclamation Re: Prayers needed for a speedy recovery


Here is an update on my status. At the time of the break my goal was to make it to Yankee Stadium for the home opener almost 4 weeks to the day of the injury. Normaly there is a long period of therapy and rehab but ever since the 2 week mark of the break I was given the o.k. to do light workouts at my gym. The only leg work I did was the bike. I started out 5 minutes on the lowest resistance and worked my way up to a half hour increasing the resistance as pain would allow. I made it to the home opener and and all went well. I just moved a little slower getting on the subway. I also during that time enjoyed doing all the little things I dont normally get to do like spend alot of time with my kids during the week and really get into their activities without feeling rushed. Also on weekends we planned trips (actually my wife did) that included light walking which was also a good form of rehab. I saw 2 Broadway musicals (one trip with kids one without) Monty Pythons "Spamalot" was my favorite "Wicked" was good for the family. So I definitely have been using my time off to enjoy myself while making my leg stronger!

2 weeks ago I got more xrays and while the bone was not at that time completely healed my Ortho said that I could go back to work as early as the 16th (tomorrow) if I wanted too and felt o.k.
This past Saturday was 6 weeks since I broke my leg the normal time supposedly for a break to heal. This weekend for my last rehab getaway we all went to Atlantic City and spent a short weekend there with family and friends for my Moms Birthday.
(if anyone gets the oppertunity to stay at one of the casinos I highly recomend the Tropicana ask for a room in the new Havanah Tower and dine at Carmines definitely an Italian treat)

I am going to work tomorrow on restricted duty. Although I am getting paid full pay to sit home and could still get paid for a long time. It is time to get back to work an make a little O.T. cash. So I can pay for the finer things like Summer vacations, new golf clubs (Preachers suggestion) and posible season tickets to see the greatest football team play in the greatest football town in the world!

So once again I am asking my friends at SF for prayers and well wishes for a safe return to the rat race.

Thanks Again
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