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Default Re: rival teams black balling steeler fans.....?

Originally Posted by BB2W
I have heard somthing like this before... I don't think it is right at all. Steelers fans are all over the nation and many travel to games. I have been to games here in Cincy where it has been like 50% or 60% Steelers fans. They were chanting "Hines feild west"... It was great.

At the Dallas game last year there were a bunch of Steelers fans...
I really think every away game the Steelers play has a good showing of Steeler fans. I don't think this would stop Steeler fans though. Like some one metioned...I would buy the tickets and sell the rest on E-Bay....not that big of a deal!!! They can try to stop us...but I don't think it will work.
Hey BB2W are you going to the Cincy game this year???? I will be there. If so we should go tailgating!!!
Just get the tickets off E-Bay....there is never a problem finding them....I'm going to 2 of those games that theyy are trying their best to keep us out won't work for me!!! GO STEELERS!!!

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