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Default Re: NFL | Okoye admits to marijuana use

a college student blazing an "L"???

what is amazing is that these 3 actually admitted it.

i doubt any of these 3 drop out of the top 10. if so we better jump on any of them and send that card up to the commish in 10 seconds.

one of our esteemed posters (whos word i look at as good as gold) recalls mean joe green firing up the ganj' in a jazz club, back in the day. shit happens (but these players shoulda been coached to "deny everything".

this is a suprising story with 3 such high profile players. i think this is what caused l. white to drop and it still seems the twinkie munchies are getting the best of him. however it is also what caused warren sapp to drop. whether or not he still fires up, we dont know. all we know is hes a sb champ.
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