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Default This Week in the AFC North

As the AFC North approaches the quarter-pole two things are obvious to the Great Zomboni:

The Browns and Ravens aren't as bad as they are being perceived.

The Bungles and Stillers aren't as good as their fans think they are.

Especially the Bungles. The Browns are the best team they've played. And if it wasn't for two TDs being called back for tidily penalties, that one goes either way. Speaking of the Bungles, this week's Kentucky Bungle joke was sent in by Steve from Columbus: You might be a Bungle fan if ... you've been married three times and you still have the same in-laws.

But all of the division could finish .500 or better (.500 for the Bungles, we all know they can't go higher than that.) That is because our division gets to the play the blessed NFC North 16 times. I think we've got a chance to go 16-0 ... that is, if I'm right about the Browns and Ravens.

Baltimore at Detroit 1:00PM
I'm not saying these are the Ravens of old, the defense is slower and the quarterback ... well, their quarterback always sucks. But they've got enough defense to beat Joey Harrington. Heck, Slippery Rock has enough defense to beat Joey Harrington. Ratbirds rack one up on the road. RAVENS 20 LIONS 10

Chicago at Cleveland 1PM
Chicago does have one thing that the other three teams in their defense don't: a good defense. But I'll take the veteran Dilfer over 22-year Old Kyle Orton any day, although I do admire his choice in whiskey. With two weeks to prepare I expect Braylon Edwards to have his best game, and the Browns defense to start playing with confidence, which out to be enough to outlast the punchless Bears. BROWNS 20 BEARS 7

Cincinnati at Jacksonville 8:30 PM
Finally a decent challenge for the heady Bungles. The Jags have been dragging their feet on offense, but I like Byron Leftwich, this could be his coming out party. Defensively, Jack Del Rio will throw enough at Carson Palmer to create some turnovers and that should make the difference JAGUARS 27 BUNGLES 13

Pittsburgh at San Diego 9:00 PM Monday
The Chargers have looked like the best team in the NFL the past two weeks. The offense is clicking on all cylinders and, as always, Marty has a swarming D. The Steelers have two weeks to think about how they couldn't beat the Patriots, but I don't see how they can beat the Chargers either. I see Roethenstein running around like Herman Munster ... or maybe it's more like a water buffalo being taken down by a bunch of hyenas ... In any event, the Chargers will punish the big, gay, stiff. CHARGERS 33 STILLERS 10

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