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Default Re: Salmon?

I am not a huge fish fan but here are a couple of ideas from one of the best sources I know.

To grill: Leave the skin on. Put a little olive oil on the flesh side and put that side down on the grill first. When you flip it, let that side cook until the skin gets brown. It will literally fall off when finished. The flesh side will turn a different color on the edges. 4 minutes per side is probably not enough time on a grill, depending on whether you have steaks or fillets. You can use cajun spices on it as well or lemon spice if you prefer.

You can also pan sear: Just a little olive oil in the pan and heat till hot. Take the skin off and dust the fish with pan searing flour lightly. With this method, the 3 to 4 minutes per side is probably accurate.

You can also stuff and roll it: Baking dish with Pam or olive oil. Take off skin. Salt and pepper the fish. Use a crab meat mixture. (either just on top or stuff and roll it) Bake uncovered until done. You could even turn on the broiler for the last couple of minutes to brown the crab mix.

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