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Default Re: RB Bush up and running just in time for NFL draft

I would love to see him in the black and gold.....I am not as concerned with him personally as much as I dont want our offense to be limited to what we currnetly have.... I dont want Najeh to be our No. 2 option at RB....

I dont care what round it happens... but I desperately want the steelers to get a legit weapon to add to the offense... A charles davis-esque TE in round 5 doesnt count.... A fred gibson-like WR in Rd 4 wont cut it either...

No I feel we need to add a guy who at the worst could immediately improve the play of our No. 3 WR, #2 RB, or 3rd down back.

And I better not have to get up Monday morning after the draft and listen to the FO talk about guys in the mold of Cedric Humes and Noah Herron who were 6th rounders.... Day 1 selection please
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