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Default Re: Deion Sanders to the Steelers?

Originally Posted by KingKoopa
ok he had one bad game and y'all already giveing up on him, smh @ y'all, but right when he does good y'all be on his nuts again just wait and see. amous is nowhere as good as willie is. and why are you pinning it on willie? we do have a qb that is supposed to throw to his wrs and we do have the best tight end in this years draft, so it's not willies fault we don't move the ball. i guess we should also trade ben for not moving the ball and keeping the d on the sideline and we should trade hines for not catching and keeping the d on the sideline also lets fire the coaching staff for not drawing up plays that would keep the d on the sideline
I'm not pinning it all on Willie. He is a good back but just not the type of back that controls the game which is what we need. Our D is good but they will give up too many plays if left on the field like most D's would. I never said a thing about Ben. He has done everyting asked of him so far. But still, we control the clock we win the game. I wasn't even talking about firing Willie. I just don't like him as the starter. And don't get me started on our oh so predictable coaching staff.
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