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Default Re: ESPN Defensive Positional Value

Originally Posted by lamberts-lost-tooth View Post
Agree with most of those with the exception of Ginn and Anderson...Anderson only started one full year...HOWEVER when he came in as a sophmore after Anthony Browns injury,,he played extremely well, and then had a strong Junior year...Ginn worries me..since he is reported to have a fumbling problem.

I will add Revis to your list...I am becoming sold on him after seeing some his highlights on Sportscenter.

I can see your point regarding Anderson's relative inexperience. But, i'm impressed with his athletic upside and his frame which will allow room for growth.
As far as Ginn,...i was thinking more along the lines of sleeper as a converted Corner/Special teams phenom. Moreso as oppossed to just a pure receiver.

Now regarding Revis,.....i can't say i'm sold LLT. He was 'solid' in college. (from what i saw) But he didn't look that much more impressive to me than cats like Hall, Ross or Mcaughley. I tend to think he's being given such late push 'Pub' because of his PA roots.IMO
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