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Default Art Rooney Jr.- '74 Draft

nfl films showed a great piece on Jr. and how instrumental he was in bringing in 9 hall of famers between 69-74. its popular to say they were hall of famers because they were surrounded by a great team, but they wouldnt be a great team without the scouting and drafting of these individuals 1st. they were simple draft picks long before they were hall of famers.

rooney sr. never let his son live down passing on dan marino. that 15 minutes (or whatever it was back then) to send the card up to the commish for gabe rivera with the 21st pick, changed 17 years of the steelers future.

however his accomplishments of building the dynasty we love cannot be denied.

the greatest quote from this piece was on the combine where rooney jr says (and pardon the paraphrase):
"you can go to the olympics to find the best atheletes in the world. but half of those are women, and the other half dont care about football"
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