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Default Re: Mel Kiper's Big Board Is Knocked Over!!

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post
If he goes to the Raiders... absolutely... if not... well... nope.

Let me explain.

Go back and look at Mirer's stats. His rookie year was actually pretty dang good. It made people understand why Seattle chose him instead of some other quarterback that ended up in New England...

However, Seattle had no Offense line. NONE. Mirer lost all confidence in his line... as a result, he had to rush everything. His mechanics were destroyed and he never recovered.
So if he goes to Oakland... Yep.. Quinn will be EXACTLY another Mirer...

If not Oakland.. well, we will see.
AWWWW preach, there's plenty of great qb's that found themselves in the same situation. did the bungholes have a good line when they drafted palmer? how were the bronco's when they got elway? what were the cowboys in aikmans rookie year? 1-15? the list goes on an on...
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