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Default Re: Congratulations, Penn State

Originally Posted by sisitki
That was a good game. I'd like to see the replay. Maybe ESPN will make it the classic this week.

Suit - Smith didn't look good yesterday but he was playing a very experienced D. Our secondary are all seniors. I don't know, I friends with some OSU diehards here at work and they're down on Smith but if he played the whole Texas game, I think you would have won it. I still like him better than Zwick. Oh well, win some and lose some.

Hopefully we both still put a hurt on UM.
Again, I'm trying to be sensitive to how good PSU's defense is, but with Holmes and Ginn out there, OSU should be throwing up at least 20-24 points against even the best defenses. I just don't think Smith is seeing the whole field, and he's missing open receivers. I don't know that Zwick is the answer, but I'm not sure I understand Tessel's philosophy. Obviously, Smith was not getting the job done, why not brink in Zwick off the bench and see if he couldn't spark the Offense?
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