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Default Re: Congress Must Cut Off Bush Family War Profits Part 1

Originally Posted by lamberts-lost-tooth View Post
I would , with respect to the other side of this issue, give my view of the truth of our current situation. The truth is that we have only lost 3,000 lives...yet have crippled a terrorist organization that at one time was strong enough to kill Americans on American soil. The truth is that we are involved in a war where we are the occupying force...which is ALWAYS cheaper than being the army fighting an occupied force....and MUCH cheaper than the price we would pay to stand back and let terrorists have free reign.
The truth is that I would rather see a bud of freedom spring from the ashes of war...then to see weeds of terrorism invade the garden of democracy....and that is our ONLY choices.
I appreciate Stlrs4Life for presenting the other side of this situation...and for those who dont know him...DO NOT DOUBT FOR A SECOND HIS LOYALTY TO THIS COUNTRY....he is a VETERAN and has put his money where his mouth is!!!! ....and his take on what is happening is always well thought out and respectful.
Regardless of which side we take on this issue...everyone should do a little homework , the cost of lives to that of past the cost (with inflation figured in) to that of past wars. Make a decision based on being well-informed. Unfortunatley..there are people in this country (like the writer of the article) who would rather see us lose this war...then to see George Bush succeed at anything...and they let ideology get in the way of rational thought.

Very good post. But the only thing that gets me, is no matter when we leave Iraq, Sept 08. Sept 18, it doesn't matter, we will never totally stop terrorism. It has been there for centuries, those people do not care, when they die they feel like they are doing good when they die. They think they are martyrs when they die. 9/11 could have happened no matter who was in office. Terrorism will always be there. We stay in Iraq, terrorists train in Iran, we invade Iran, they train somewhere else, it's a never ending vicious cycle.

llt, I can see tyour point about losing the 3000 soldiers, but I don't believe it matters how we lose them, we still lost them.

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