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Default Re: Congress Must Cut Off Bush Family War Profits Part 1

Originally Posted by CapeCod Steel Head View Post
Only 3325! And for what? Osama wasn't based in Iraq nor was he supported by Sadam. Please don't drink the Kool Aid that this current admin. is feeding you. Where are the WMD's? A bud of democracy that will die in a civil war that we helped to create.
If you know where Osama is ...or isnt..please pass that information on to Homeland security..the knowledge would be appreciated. As we have posted before...(and is easily veriafiable)...there WERE known connections between Sadaams regime and Bin Laden....of course Sadaams regime has stated that they were not about terrorism, and hey who are we to not believe them...right? for WMD' did Hillary...Durbin...Pelosi..and the rest of the Dems vote when presented with the same information that was presented to the president?...Please dont ignore the inconvienent truths.
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