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Default LITP's 1st Round Mock(ed) Draft

1. Oakland - Calvin Johnson(WR) - I think the Raiders fail to resist the temptation of selecting the biggest sure thing since....the last one.

2. Detriot - Brady Quinn(QB) - Quinn gets a year under the expert tutelage of Kitna.

3. Cleveland - JaMarcus Russell(QB) - Big armed Russell ends up in the AFCN

4. Tampa Bay - Gaines Adams(DE) - No CJ for Tampa - pass rush gets upgrade.

5. Arizona - Joe Thomas(OT) - Cards pass on Peterson and give the Edge some help.

6. Washington - LaRon Landry(S) - Redskins go with one of the safer(ty) picks in this years 1st round.

7. Minnesota - Amobi Okoye(DE) - No Tomlin - change of empasis on D-line - Vikes pick up an athlete to compete with the run stopping Williams blobs.

8. Atlanta - Adrian Peterson(RB) - Warwick's Done in Atlanta - this confirms it.

9. Miami - Chris Houston(CB) - Miami get younger on an ageing yet impressive D.

10. Houston - Levi Brown (OT) - Schaub gets the the sort of total protection you might expect in a happy meal.

11. San Francisco - Patrick Willis (ILB) - The best LBer in this years draft helps shore up a weak run D.

12. Buffalo - Alan Branch (DT) - Buffalo upgrades the D-line

13. St Louis - Adam Carriker (DE) - Rams nab Pittsburghs intended target.

14. Carolina - Ted Ginn Jr (WR) - Now Carolina have a WR to take the pressure off one-man-offense Steve Smith

15. Pittsburgh - Jarvis Moss (OLB) - Pass rush is the missing link in Steelerville - say hello to the next Joey Porter.

16. Green Bay - Marshawn Lynch(RB) - One of the safer predictions to make this year - Packers go RB.

17. Jacksonville - Jamaal Anderson(DE) - Must...pressure...Manning.

18. Cincinatti - Darrell Revis (CB) - A nice faller for Cincy. (okay I forgot to put him in earlier)

19. Tennesee - Greg Olsen(TE) - Vince gets his safety valve.

20. Giants - Laurence Timmons (OLB) - Woeful NY LBer corps guessed upgrade.

21. Denver - Robert Meachem(WR) - - Denver are looking excellent on D so address the offensive side of the ball - another young QB gets first round target.

22. Dallas - Michael Griffin(S) - Second best safety on the board drops to the Cowboys.

23. Kansas City - Aaron Ross(CB) - Ageing DB's get a shot of ...ummm..youth. Starting to regret doing comments now. Ho hum.

24. New England - Jon Beason(ILB) - Patriots snag the prototypical ILB they wanted all along (in a mock draft designed by a Patriots fan!)

25. Jets - Paul Pozluzny (OLB) - Upgrade etc etc

26. Philadelphia - Reggie Nelson (S) - Philly always value quality DBers - they get one here.

27. New Orleans - David Harris (ILB) - Terrible Saints run D gets a shot the arm.

28. New England - Joe Staley(OT) - I think the Patriots are set on the O-line - the Patriots draft for value instead of need.

29. Baltimore - Dwayne Bowe(WR) - Drafting D comes naturally to the Ravens, Drafting O ...doesn't. They have a go anyway.

30. San Diego - Dwayne Jarrett(WR) - Chargers FO see through the combine 'fog' and draft a WR who is capable of catching the ball and not dropping it - will lack company in San Diego.

31. Chicago Bears - Brandon Merriweather(S) - Talent overruling character concerns? Its the NFC - any short coming will only be exposed in the SB or against halfway decent AFC opposition.

32. Indianapolis - Justin Harrell(DT) - Some bulk for a lightweight IColts defense.
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