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Default Re: Hipchest Mock Draft - (with trades)

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past View Post
The amount of hype the Culpepper to Raiders potential deal is getting is baffling.

Its not like Culpepper is a highly regarded vet who is getting pushed out by a Brady or a Manning - he's going to be cut by the freakin' Dolphins.

As bad as things have been in Oakland in recent times, surely nothing is as bad as letting the potential acquisition of an unwanted fumble/interception machine affect what you do with the 1st pick in the draft.

To me this makes no sense whatsoever - maybe Oakland will end up with C-Pep but it should play no part on what happens in the first day of the draft let alone the first pick.
"pep" will find his way on a roster, and cost withstanding, i'd prefer him to brian st pierre, but i wouldnt count on him to be able to beat batch out of the #2 spot.

a logical spot might be him to detroit, assuming they trade mccown to the raiders. (talk about 6 degrees of seperation- oh harrington where art thou?)
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