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Default Re: Hipchest Mock Draft - (with trades)

Originally Posted by SteelCzar76 View Post
I like your style Tone (considering movement regarding trades) But i'd still 'earl' if we selected Timmons with Houston and Poz still on the board.
What i mean is Houston IMO is a far better value than any of this years prospective 'backers' outside of Willis. And both he and Poz did more to distinguish themselves in college as oppossed to Timmons.

What i mean is,...let's just simply take the 'numbers' into consideration from 2004-2006,

Timmons: Tackles 126/ Tackles for losses 22.5/ Sacks 8/ 'picks' 1

Posluzny: Tackles 136/ Tackles for losses 32.5/ Sacks 9/ 'picks' 2

(And keep in mind Posluszny played 'out of position' last year coming off a knee injury)

Now though it's a slight edge on Poz's part,'s and edge nonetheless. Even if some feel as though Poz may have already 'peaked' and will not be exceptional at the next level in light of his 2005 injury,..... IMO he will still be consistently productive at the very least. (based upon the strength of his character and work ethic)

Bottom line,....i'm not 'bustin your ballz' or anyone else yelling "Timmons, Timmons" ! LOL
But any way you chop it IMO, it just doesn't make sense to take him (Timmons) in the 1st round. Henceforth the reason i really don't believe we will.
dont worry, i know you aint buss'n my ballz, and timmons wouldnt be my pick either. passing on brown or thomas would be crazy at 15 (even if we dont immediately need either 1).

i soley based my pick on the fact that tomlin and the steelers seem to have a hard on for timmons. we never draft lb's 1st and ive seen a ton of mocks that have us picking up some good backers in teh mid rounds (from woodley to deossie). i think it would be easier to find someone like timmons in the latter rounds than someone like branch, okoye, or harrell. and considering the pricetags for cb's and that alot of teams line up more frequently in their nickel than their base, i wouldnt argue with a cb either.

truth be told, the steelers will probably make no moves in the 1st and take the best player on the board. thats the least risky move for a new head coach.
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