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Default Re: Pittsburgh Steelers 2007 Draft Class

Well, this fan doesn't know a whole lot, I'm afraid - I'll leave the debates about individual pros and cons to those who do - but can I just say I find it all very exciting! This is the first draft I've paid any attention to, and to this uninformed fan, I think we got some good people. I find all the discussion - on both sides - very interesting, and am trying hard to learn. Of course, time will tell if these were good picks or not. All I can say is, I can't wait for the season to start and see how these new players will do and how they will fit in. Woo hoo! Let the games begin!

(What's a water boy? I mean, I know what a water boy really is, but did I get demoted? I guess I'm still on the field. so it's all good.)
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