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Default Re: Pittsburgh Steelers 2007 Draft Class

Originally Posted by rbryan View Post
I am here to defend the decisions made by the FO because I do believe they are more knowledgable than any one here. Especially the ones who as you put it " want to impose their will on others by ridiculing and insulting those they don't agree with"

BTW, isn't that what you just did ??

Perhaps I was a bit harsh with my opinion, but stand by the message. No one knows how this draft will turn out today. People who pass judgement as if they have some divine knowledge of the future amuse me. Almost as much as a Patsie fan who spends as much time on the Steelers board as you.

rbryan...Agreed. I wasn't real happy with a 2nd grade pick 1st round, or a TE 3rd & trading up for a punter..but the FO knows best. I am honestly still learning. BUT to have a knowledgeable, sometimes joking poster like LITP frequently visit us from PATSland, I am actually flattered. He is a good dude, and when he could spend all his time in shitsville, he spends a part of it, with his brothers,....the Steelers! He just doesn't see it that way yet!
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