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Default Re: Randy Moss To The Patriots?

Originally Posted by Hines0wnz View Post
The biggest issue with him is that his HCs are always looking over their shoulder. How do you expect to be successful knowing you are on a short leash from a naive "managing partner" (I'm aware of his status in the organization, thank you very much) or owner? He pissed away the best coach the Raiders have had since John Madden in Jon Gruden. And he fired Shanahan only to have his Broncos kick the Raiders tail every year. The he hires a young OC from USC?? Even Pete Carroll doesnt want to HC in the NFL anymore but money talks. It seems sometimes he doesnt know if its 2007 or 1967. This isnt the AFL and his PA should tell him that at least once a day. I respect the hell out of the man but honestly, is he an owner/managing partner that you are proud of? Maybe 15 years ago he would be but not now. The Raiders are a laughing stock and its a damn shame.
I would agree that Al Davis' time has passed. Many of us Raider fans feel that way.

I would also say that this draft showed a loosening of the reigns on Al's part. This draft was damn near all Kiffin. The decision to be rid of Moss was also Kiffin's. Al has said many times since hiring Kiffin that he reminds him of himself in a lot of ways. I think we are going to see this coach have a lot more power than any have had so far... it already is quite apparent that he does.

As far as being proud of Al Davis... no. I have much respect for him, but as I said, I think his time has passed. He was/is a great football man. He has done a lot for pro football. I respect and admire him for that.

John Gruden was not "pissed away", as you say. He and his agent pulled some shady shit in order to get more money... it backfired. The way Gruden paraded himself around on national television with his inuendos of going to Notre Dame or Ohio State while under contract to the Raiders was childish and disrespectful. If he was that unhappy with the money he signed a contract for, he should have been man enough to keep it private between Al and himself and out of the spotlight. what he did was basically the same thing Moss pulled. That turned out the same way.

Gruden isn't so great now, is he? Yeah, he beat us in the Superbowl, or more correct, Dungy did.When you stop and think about it, he should have. He built that Raiders team... he knew every move they would make, every player's strengths and weaknesses... everything about them. How is he doing since Dungy's team is not there anymore?
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