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Default Prayers for Rege

Once again, I come to my Steelers brothers and sisters and online family and ask for your prayers.

My friend, Rege, was at a McKees Rocks establishment on Saturday night, enjoying an evening out with a couple of his friends. While Rege is a big guy, he is truly one of the kindest, most caring and passive people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. (XT - you met Rege at Ken's birthday party a while back.) One of the drunken patrons at the club started a fistfight with one of Rege's friends and knocked him off the bar stool, causing him to hit his head. Rege, who was sitting down from his friend, rushed to help him when he was suddenly grabbed from behind around his neck and throat by one of the club's bouncers. The other two bouncers then jumped on top of the bouncer who had him by his neck in a "choke hold" and all of them went down. The first bouncer did not let Rege out of the hold until they discovered Rege had suddenly stopped breathing. The paramedics were called for both Rege's friend who had a deep laceration to his forehead from being knocked off the bar stool, and most importantly for Rege. It took them almost 15 minutes to get there. His heart stopped several times on the way to the hospital, but they were able to get it beating again when they got to AGH. Rege was immediately placed on a ventilator and has been in a deep coma ever since.

This morning, the ICU doctors ran an EEG and it showed no brain activity at all. The situation has become very grave and the docs spoke to the family at length this morning - I have not received word yet as to what that discussion entailed, but from once being a nurse, I have an idea. There are videotapes from the club which the police now have which clearly show that Rege did nothing to warrant being attacked like that by the club's bouncers. There are definitely going to be some criminal charges levied against both the club and the three bouncers and if Rege doesn't make it, I was told today that homicide charges will be filed.

Rege worked for a lot of years with Ken and he and I remained close friends. I just spoke with him last week and he was looking forward to his summer vacation. He has two college aged children - I know what a fantastic father he is and I'm sure they are devastated. I believe in miracles and I am hoping that Our Father has saved one for Rege. He is only in his 40's and has never hurt anyone in his entire life.

Please pray for him and his family that he receives that miracle, but in the event God has other plans for my sweet friend, that God grants him a peaceful and serene passing.

Thank you all for your prayers.

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